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Dear divers and all those who care about diving safety,

For two years, DAN has been promoting the "Don’t get lost" safety campaign.

This is one of the most successful campaigns we have running at the moment and we receive a lot of positive feedback from the diving community. It is a campaign that lives among divers and during which we introduce safety equipment they may not yet know, but can be valuable to them.

In the future we will continue to develop and distribute new campaigns and make sure existing campaigns remain under the spotlight in different ways.

We have therefore published an online quiz online, with 10 questions related to the prevention of missing divers.
Of course we would like to reach as many divers as possible and we need your help with this.

That's why I have a question for you:
If everyone shares our Facebook Post (not just like it), we will soon reach many divers who will not only be able to take the quiz, but also get to know our campaign and in this way we can also use this educational tool to improve diving safety.

You can find the FB post at https://www.facebook.com/DiversAlertNetworkEurope/posts/1750661561648618

Should you have not “liked” the page itself yet, then of course it is a good opportunity to do this as well.

The campaign itself is available on our website and we also have 2 related articles that can be shared or distributed amongst fellow divers:

Lost at sea? Increase your chances in getting found again

Which Delayed Surface Marker Buoy should I choose?

For those who are interested: It is possible to request free Safety Campaign brochures from us. We will be more than happy to send them to you.
I appreciate your help a lot in making it possible to give some attention to the “Don’t get lost” safety campaign.

Guy Thomas
Director of Safety Programs




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