SHF listed in the new Edmonds


SHF is listed in the latest (5th) edition of Edmonds' standard work "Diving and Subaquatic Medicine" as one of the few "diving medical organizations and contacts" world wide.

DAN Divers Day 2015 Amsterdam



DAN Europe invites you to participate in a special day dedicated to diving safety and research, as part of a series of international events called DAN Days.
The next one will be held at the Academic Medical Center, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Sunday 23rd August.

Keynote lecturers such as diving doctors, researchers and first aid experts will be holding interesting talks on medical research and advances, and diving safety issues. The DAN team will present a preview of the DSG (Diving Safety Guardian), a brand new logbook dedicated to participated research.

Due to the excellent cooperation between the Scott Haldane Foundation and DAN Europe, Scott Haldane students who are not (yet) a DAN member can benifit from the normal DAN member free registration for this DAN Divers Day by choosing registration as DAN-member (Ticket Member) and use "SHF" as  DAN membership number.

Scott Haldane Level 1 course in English


The increassing demand for a Scott Haldane Level 1 (basic) course in English resulted in the development of the Level 1 part I and the level 1 part II course in English. The complete basic course is now available for all English speaking medical doctors. At least one course per year, organized in The Netherlands, will still be in Dutch, but all other level 1 courses are available in English too.

International Meeting on Ultrasound for Diving Research



The International Meeting on Ultrasound for Diving Research is the result of the growing international cooperation between the Scott Haldane Foundation and other leading diving and hyperbaric medicine course developers world wide. This inaugural meeting will bring together experts in the field of diving and decompression physiology to discuss and educate on the use of ultrasound in assessing the stress caused by decompression and the associated risk of decompression sickness (DCS). The lectures by internationally recognized experts and the 'hands on' workshops will be organized  at the Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medicine Centre, Karlskrona, Sweden on 25th & 26th August 2015. For more information see the ultrasound2015 website.


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