MED Certification process

ecb-logoProcedure and requirements for certification as Medical Examiner of Divers by the European College for Baromedicin (ECB)

Below is the explanation of the procedure for the internationally recognized certification as Medical Examiner of Divers by the European College for Baromedicin (ECB).

International certifications by the ECB according to guidelines of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM) as medical examiner of divers:

The European College of Baromedicine (ECB) has granted the Scott Haldane Foundation (SHF) an ECB / ECHM accreditation as the only training institution for diving medicine in the Netherlands. This means that students can be certified as internationally recognized Medical Examiner of Divers after completing the entire SHF basic course and successfully passed the examinations.

For the certification the following rules apply:

  • Anyone who successfully completed the SHF basic (part I and II) with adequate exam results, can apply for certification as medical examiner of divers.
  • You can apply via the registration process. Only paid applications will be processed.
  • You will receive an invoice ( €75 per 1-10-2023) for three years certification.
  • Your application is sent to the ECB. After verification by the ECB, you will receive your certificate from the ECB.


If you fulfil all the conditions and want to be certified as a Medical Examiner of Divers, please print the application form "Certification Medical Examiner of Divers", fill in and send it to the Scott Haldane Foundation, Rading 2, 1231 KA  Loosdrecht, The Netherlands or e-mail the completed application form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The registration fee is 75 euros per 3 years. This amount is to be transferred to the bank account with the following details:

Name beneficiary: Scott Haldane Stichting          
Address: Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
Name of beneficiary bank: ING-bank                 
IBAN-account number: NL23INGB0001911767  

The certification is done by the European College of Baromedicine based in Italy. Allow a period of about 2 to 5 weeks processing time after your application has been received.

To print this form you need a PDF Reader

Update: 20-06-2024